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    Run by well known names in the industry Scott Fellman and Joe Caparatta Unique Corals is a very interesting company, especially considering they have exclusive PNG distribution rights in the United States. A few glances at the website make this especially clear, with many sections featuring texts that read like manifestos, taking a strong stand for sustainable collection. No more cutting corners when buying and or selling livestock , no more unhealthy unsustainable livestock many of the pages on the website literally state. Unique corals is ready to make an impact, and in its own way is trying to revolutionize the hobby and move it towards more sustainability.

    The Unique Corals website features a stunning variety of PNG clownfish with many displaying interesting morphs, and it doesn’t just stop at Amphiprion. Many of the maroon clownfish show interesting alterations and some variations can’t help but remind us of the lightning maroon clownfish. Beside cool PNG clownfish the website also features many other very interesting fish including some very interesting wrasses. Xenojulis margaritaceus especially capturing our attention with their interesting coloration and their current lack of availability in the hobby. All fish are advertised as quarantined, acclimated and feeding so they may just become a competitor of Live Aquaria in the future. Unique Corals is selling many corals as well, but they don’t yet seem to carry unique PNG cultured corals.

    More information on Unique Corals can be found on their website.






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