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    We all know that cancer is a disease that contributes to the health decline of many species on this earth; namely humans. We’re very pleased to share that Scott Fellman and the folks at Unique Corals have started a new charity to fund cancer research entitled “Corals for the Cure“. What’s interesting is that all of the frags sold (with portions going to the charity) are adhered / encrusted onto ribbon-shaped frag plugs in*lavender (the official color for cancer research support). We really dig the diverse species that are being offered up for grabs and think that the corals will look really gnarly once fully encrusted.

    Below is a full press release from Scott Fellman of Unique Corals regarding the charity;

    Cancer sucks.

    According to recent figures, approximately 1.2 million new cases of cancer are diagnosed each year, and more than 564,000 people will die from this disease this year. In addition to lives being lost, the treatment and economic costs of cancer amount to tens of billions of dollars each year.

    Cancer has cost countless lives and caused many difficulties for the surviving families of those who have suffered with this disease. Cancer affects people of every race, gender, and religion. It’s an indiscriminate killer. It’s hard to find somebody we know who has not been affected by this disease in some manner, as an estimated 1 out of every 3 Americans will contract some form of cancer during their lifetime.

    I was personally touched by this disease recently when my father was diagnosed with colon/liver cancer in October of this year, and passed away after a brief, yet brave battle in December. It was disheartening to see a loved one literally waste away because of this horrible affliction.

    The good news is that new treatments are resulting in greater numbers of survivors than ever before. Some cancers can be defeated with early testing, and new therapies are turning the tide in the battle against this terrible disease. However, funding is constantly needed to support research into these potential cures.

    It’s time to fight back.

    To help honor my father, and to show support for the millions of others who are touched by, and will continue to be touched by cancer,?#?uniquecorals?*has created a small charity to help donate funds to research to help combat this disease. It’s called “Corals for The Cure.”

    “Corals for The Cure” will donate a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of selected corals mounted on specially-designed plugs by ReefGen’s Justin Credabel, to cancer research. Unique Corals and ReefGen, along with Dan Rigle and Mark Poletti, will be offering some amazing pieces mounted on these special plugs. We will also be offering these plugs for sale to interested propagators, wholesalers, and hobbyists.

    We are hoping that other coral propagators and vendors will participate in this program by purchasing some of these handmade plugs, featuring a lavender ribbon (the official color for cancer research support) or other unique designs, and mounting some of their corals on these plugs. Proceeds from the sale of these plugs will go towards cancer research.

    Whenever you purchase one of these corals mounted on a “C4C” plug from Unique, or any vendor, who participates, you’ll know that some of the proceeds from your purchase have been donated to help fund the fight against cancer. Our goal is to make “Corals for The Cure” a highly visible, widely-accepted charity that the coral propagating community and reef keeping community at large can participate in.

    If you are interested in purchasing some of these special frag plugs for your business or personal use, please contact us for details.*

    Watch for our coral frag offerings in our “Corals for The Cure” section on the UC website! These are not just random frags, either- they are some of the most sought-after corals we offer. A portion of the sales price of each and every one that you purchase will go directly to cancer research.

    Please join us in doing something to play a part in fighting this scourge. We look forward to helping to end this terrible and far-reaching disease once and for all.

    Thank you.

    Scott Fellman
    Unique Corals

    We really like the assortment of coral being offered for sale through Corals for the Cure and were smitten to see that the cost of the frags are very affordable for the average home hobbyist. Be sure to check out the site for more info and be a part of a very noble cause!

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