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    bullnose-tank.png If you happen to be in Ohio or are looking to pick up the shipping charges, there is a unique 2,500 gallon bullnose aquarium that is available on eBay. The online auction website has been a great way to pick up some deals over the years and while this may be out of MOST of our budgets, it is a pretty good deal if you are looking for a large and interesting aquarium and you’re balling on that level.

    The tank measures over 21 ft. long, is 39 in. wide and 60 in. tall and is constructed from 2 in. thick cell cast acrylic with a single overflow.* The price of the tank includes all the filtration equipment (and a couple of fake reef inserts in case you were still on the fence). The equipment includes:

    • Large skimmer with pump made by Reef Savers with a capacity rated up to 4,000 gallons
    • Sand filter rated up to 5000 gallons
    • Emperor aquatics 450W UV sterilizer rated up to 5000 gallons
    • 1 Mg Ozone generator with controller. (probably meant to read 1000 mg)
    • American Marine pH controller
    • Three 1000W drop in heaters.
    • Large bio tower with bio balls
    • 300 gallon poly sump
    • 100 sq. ftt cartridge filter with 25 micron filter
    • Three 400W metal halide lighting systems with new bulbs
    • Two ReeFlo*Hammerhead Pumps
    The seller is indicating a total investment of over $57,000 for the entire system and is asking a hair under $28,000 or best offer. They are even willing to sell the tank or just the equipment. So if you happen to be in the market for a large tank and a good price, make sure to check this one out.
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