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    It’s been a long time coming but the unibody reef aquarium lights are gonna be ready to roll off the NanoCustoms assembly line in 2011. First unveiled at ReefStock 2010, the LED + T5 hybrid light was the first Unibody reef light that NanoCustoms teased out showing off their new concept for an aquarium light fixture. Only a small number of these unibody hybrids were released in 2010 while production details were improved. A lucky few aquarists like Cris Cap of AquaticArt have already built amazing displays with the best of LED and fluorescent lighting.

    Additionally, NanoCustoms has been working on a few other models of reef aquarium lights with the unibody aluminum construction; there’s the standard LED, the large 10″ universal DIY and the diminutive Fluval Edge-compatible mini LED Unibody. Lastly, there’s also a quad 12″ T5 fluorescent light run at high output specification and an 18″ version of this T5 light is under consideration. These unibody reef lights are all about an inch thick or less and about as close as you’re going to be able to get to lighting up your reef with a fixture that looks more like a MacBook Pro than an aquarium light. Pricing and availability will be announced soon.
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