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    The twilight zone is one of the least explored places anywhere in the ocean and human surveys are greatly limited by SCUBA diving. In this 16 minute long video by AME titled “Uncharted Waters”, a brief explanation is given on the limitations of SCUBA equipment, the benefits of rebreather diving as well as a short overview on life in the mesophotic twilight zone of the coral reefs. 

    Pay special attention towards the end of the video however, as that’s where things get really REALLY interesting, especially if you’re an avid lover of deepwater fish. Some incredible and never before seen footages of various deepwater fish such are shown in what is possibly the best version of fish porn anywhere.

    At the middle of the ten minute mark we see Hoplolatilus pohle being featured as it builds its volcano shaped mound out of coral rubble. An undescribed Prognathodes is also featured, followed by Bodianus sepiacaudus and B. sanguineus. Pay special attention to Chromis brevirostris, C. earina, as well as an undescribed Symphysanodon and Liopropoma. A gorgeous Cirrhilabrus roseafascia and an undescribed Lubbockichthys dotty back also makes a cameo.

    Perhaps the most exciting appearance has to be a video of two different undescribed Plectranthias species – the striped one which has been seen from the Coral Sea, Fiji and Pohnpei, as well as a pair of the “hinomaru” red spotted Plectranthias sp. that can be found in Japan as well as the West Papuan region.

    We’ll let the video do the talking. Just sit back and enjoy this deluge of rare fish videos, and perhaps learn a thing or two on how a rebreather works.
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