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    The CS Nano-Reef SET PR from Coral-Shop is a complete lab in a box to keep your nano-reef happy. Thanks to Sea Side Aquatics we were given a box to research and evaluate. There is no doubt Coral-Shop is great at creating top quality products that are somewhat reminiscent of childhood science kits to bring out the mad scientist in you and the CS Nano-Reef SET PR is no different. From the initial unboxing this set contains a two-part salt mixture of a solid and liquid component along with the company’s Platinum Reef additives to keep your system in check.

    The box contains enough salt and supplements to keep a 45 liter (just under 12 US gallons) nano aquarium running for six months and those of us with larger “nano” systems might get by for a month or two. Overall our first impressions are pretty solid with all the components clearly labeled and laid out nicely. Besides the two-part salt mix the Nano-Reef SET includes a calcium stabilizer, magnesium stabilizer, a growth and color booster (G & C Booster), DispoPhos for removal of phosphates and NitraClean to boost natural denitrification.

    Besides the dry salt component, all the bottles are liquid with some containing some sediment settling that need to be shaken up and properly mixed before use. One of the products that caught our eyes was the CS DispoPhos, an amber colored liquid that contains an iron-based product to eliminate phosphates. Similar to what we saw with ROWA Crystal, CS DispoPhos doesn’t seem to have that large of sediment particulates in the mixture.

    The instructions are pretty straight forward and are printed out on regular paper. For a company based in the Czech Republic, the English instructions are pretty clear with reference to the companies website where more information is needed. We plan on taking this little kit on a spin, but with a larger nano will most likely get two or three months worth of use. Probably not enough to get a complete and accurate long-term assessment of the product but enough time to see the beginning benefits and pass those along.






    FTC regulations require that we inform you that we were given this product for review, but our opinion of a product is never affected by how we acquire them.
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