Ultra Grade SPS frags for sale

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6 May 2007
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Only available to hobbyists who are experienced with acropora keeping:

1:) Must be my favourite frag, turquiose tips and gold polyps, about 2.5cm+



2:) Deep purple with yellow polyps, 2cm




And from my original rose acro millepora, XL frag:



Willing to ship, but only if all three going to one person...
Wow Ivan, some really nice frags. Exceptional colours.
Love the rose millepora. Think you're selling it too cheap though,more a "daughter colony" than a "frag"...
Some more:

Minimum quantity of three for shipping, airport to airport.

No minimum limit for collection.

Superbright hydno, large



Legendary sky blue, about 4cm, two available

R140 each


Cryptonite frag, 1cm Really bright


Acropora aculeus, three available, 4cm

R120 each

Hi Ivan, I want that, "Deep purple with yellow polyps" 2nd & 3rd pic. And the "Sky Blue" and would like a A. aculeus but I'm a bit worried as it looked stressed in the pic, with quite a bit of damage to the tips. It would be better to let it recover in your tank before shipping. I'm just worried that you will not keep all three for me? Please let me know, thanks.
Hi Ivan these are excellent looking frags
can i have 1 of the (Deep purple with yellow polyps, 2cm) R150
and 1 of the (Legendary sky blue, about 4cm, two available) R140

Im sure it will be ok to ship with millepora's order

Please let me know

I've previously bought frags from Ivan. Trust me, they are worth every single cent. Great stuff Ivan. Wish I had the money to get some more, but my little boy is a bit of a drain on the finances at the moment.

Mille, that one is a bit damaged, there are quite a few of them, all in perfect nick, that was just the best one hightwise for the photo. The others are a bit bigger, but will let you have at same price....
So, Mille: 1 x Aculeus, 1 x deep purple, 1 x Sky blue

Preshan, I only have one of the deep purple, sold to mille, but will ship a sky blue with mille's order on Monday.

Will pm you my banking details now.....

Midas, the sizes I quoted are merely an estimate minimum size. All are larger, just could not find a ruler at the time.

Thanks Wikus
Thanks Ivan. The aculeus sounds great then, and thanks for the bit bigger one at the same price. By the way, what makes you say it’s an A. aculeus, or is that just what it came in as?
I have transferred the R560 and faxed the POP
No problem to ship Preshan’s corals with mine. Please just write our names on the bags to avoid a knife fight at the airport :lol:
Came in as a. aculeus, relatively close match on AIMS and acc to ppl on zeovit. Very unique tissue structure.......
Cool, will send on Monday...
Will call you closer to the time
Mods, pls close thread, as all except the hynopora sold. Will start a new thread soon.
Can I get in on the action here with Mille and Preshan ?
Could I get
1 Turqoise - Picture 1
1 Sky Blue
1 Cryptonite ?

Please PM details so I can do a payment.
Mods, pls close thread, as all except the hynopora sold. Will start a new thread soon.

Sorry smithers. I have loads more frags, but will start in a seperate thread soon.
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