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    UK-based NT Labs is joining in on the list of probiotic fish food companies with the introduction NT Labs Tropical Fish Food-Probitoic. In this case, the NT Labs Tropical-Fish Food is designed to be highly*digestible to decrease waste in the aquarium, benefiting the health of the ecosystem in two ways.

    The food is now just available to the freshwater tropical market and is designed to be a slow sinking granular food (0.8 – 1.2mm granule)*that helps deliver the food to the various layers of your water column to appeal to all your tank’s inhabitants. The food also contains what NT Labs calls*‘stimune’ beta-glucans to help maintain the immune system and keep your fish healthy along*multivitamins, a high level of vitamin C and are loaded with Spirulina.

    The Tropical Fish Food-Probiotic benefits mean a more easily digestible food to deliver more nutrient benefits to the fish. In return, there is less waste produced and better system health.*As we know with probiotics overall, the live bacteria are not harmful to the host and produce health benefits when eaten. Despite this seeming to be just another craze, there are scientific studies showing that probiotics help in both the growth and overall health of fish.

    Coming in 45g and 120g sizes, it is prices around*£3.99 and £7.99*respectively.

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