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8 May 2007
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The UFO Rainbow Micromussa is one of those retina burning strains of LPS corals which upends the notion that Australia has the exclusive on flashy Acans and Micros. By and large the land of Oz is the epicenter of abundance and diversity for species of Micromussa and Acanthastrea, but Autralia’s closest neighbor Indonesia has lots of territory nearby and their islands also host some precious LPS of their own.


The classic UFO Micromussa

We’re currently in Jakarta and while visiting the ReefMaster Indonesia coral facility we came across one of the hottest color strains of Micromussa amkusensis that we’ve seen in a long while. The UFO Rainbow Micromussa is actually from one of the southern coasts of Indonesia, where Indian Ocean currents have the most potential to mix Australian and Indonesian species of corals.

There’s been nice rainbow Micromussa coming out of Darwin Australia for a long while now, and the UFO Micromussa is a well established strain in the United States. But the UFO Rainbow Micromussa really earns its title by having a gradient of brilliant colors bisected by a ring of dark coloration, like those scolies and few Acans that are worthy of being called UFO.

What further impressed us by the appearance of the UFO Rainbow Micromussa is that it was being grown under a balanced lighting spectrum from solely high output T5 fluorescent tubes, so no artificial blued-out LED lighting to “juice” the appearance of the coral. Just to give the full tour of this UFO Rainbow Micromussa strain, we’ve gone ahead and photographed it under white light, blue light, and full-on fluorescent lighting so you can see what colors this coral is truly expressing.


UFO Rainbow Micromussa under “white” reef lighting, approximately 12,000K spectrum


UFO Rainbow Micromussa under pure actinic T5 spectrum


UFO Rainbow Micromussa under pure fluorescent LED lighting with fluorescent barrier filter

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