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    The OLED light of our dreams has arrived but unfortunately, its creators put a useless hanger on it. Form factor aside, the $450 OLED Hanger light may seem expensive as a regular light in your home or closet, but with the proper mounting hardware this could make a really sweet designer aquarium light with a flush mounting panel and a completely even light distribution. Regardless of whether this particular OLED device ever sees aquarium service, it’s at least a sign that the cost of OLED components is coming down low enough to the point that it is being commercialized into a consumer grade product.

    This super thin organic light emitting diode panel built by Rohm and Lumiotec was being shown off at Ceatec in Japan where Engadget spied this imaginative yet expensive next generation solid state light. The OLED Hanger light is not too expensive for a designer application; $450 is a lot for a commercial scale aquarium light but for concept tanks and experimental purpose it is not out of reach. Now we’re just dying to see what the quality of light is coming off of the OLED Hanger light because as long as it makes corals and fish look good, people have paid way more for way less useful aquarium lights in the past.


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