Types of Overflows, an Illustrated Guide

17 Dec 2018
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This thread is specifically designed for people just entering the marine hobby, In most (if not ALL) circumstances a sump is required to have a successful marine tank.

Trying to balance a pump from the display tank with a pump from the sump (a two pump system) regardless of safety valves, cut off switches etc is inviting disaster :nono:

Either the Sump must be fed by gravity (when the sump is located below the DT) or the DT must be fed by gravity (when the Sump is above the DT) ...

Now depending on your specific design criteria and space available there are a number of possibilities when designing an overflow (whether this is a DIY project or a a custom build by a LFS)

The list below is not an exhaustive list by any means and I encourage other members to add as they see fit...... but please add images as well as descriptions

There are two basic categories, a drilled tank and a non drilled tank. A drilled tank is infinately more superior to a non drilled tank, a non drilled tank relies on a syphon system.

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