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    It’s just two weeks until the kickoff of Aquarama 2015, and we are anxiously awaiting our return to Singapore to visit with our Southeast Asian aquarium friends. Aquarama is nowhere near the size and scale of InterZoo in Germany, but there’s still plenty enough aquarium and reef related stories for us to scope out each year.

    It’ll be a while still until all the new products are announced, but already we can look forward to several manufacturers showing off some new goods. The recently announced Sanrise LED should be available for us to see in real life, MaxSpect has had plenty of time to work on and refine their Ethereal LED system, and who knows what other surprises us in Singapore.

    Aquarama is also out biennial meetup with other members of the Reef Builders team including Ohm Pavaphon and reef fish connoisseur Lemon Tea Yi Kai, and to commune about which parts of the hobby are currently exciting us the most. The event might be skewed towards the freshwater side of the aquarium hobby but with planted tanks and nature aquariums gaining momentum and refinements every year, it’ll be a great dose of exposure to the best of freshwater aquariums.

    The 2015 edition of Aquarama will be taking place May 28th to the 31st at the Suntec event center and if you attend, do be on the lookout for us and say hello.
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