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    Good day Fellow Reefers,

    4 Months ago the Two oceans Aquarium decided to make the switch to Aquaforest, last week we went to check up on the tank and it was Great to see this system being restored to its natural Beauty - Thanks to Aquaforest Reef Salt as well as all the passionate staff at the Two Oceans Aquarium for your hard work and dedication, this aquarium will only get better and better.

    Here are some pics of what the aquarium currently looks like - If we look back at old pictures you will see the colour starting to pop in this aquarium.

    There is a chalice in this tank that is just WOW.:m46::001_cool::swim:

    We will be working closely with the aquarium over the next few years to make this one quality show tank.

    We will also keep you guys updated on the amazing specimens we will be sourcing for the aquariums various exhibits and Breeding programs.

    Happy Reefing

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