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    There are a couple of nice giveaway promotions going right now just in time for the holidays. First off Marine Depot is teaming up with Warner Home Entertainment around the release of Dolphin Tale to dish out a new TV, Blu-ray™ player and DVDs. Also Kessil is giving away LED lights through an fun promotion on the company’s Facebook page.

    Since Warner Home Entertainment is releasing Dolphin Tale on Blu-ray™, DVD and Download to Own release on Dec. 20 the Marine Depot team is giving away seven prizes. All you have to do is sign up for the Marine Depot email newsletter to enter. If you are already subscribed, you still have to go there and re-subscribe to enter this particular contest (don’t worry, the Marine Depot team removes all duplicate emails so you’ll just get it once). What can you win? Here are the prizes:

    • 1st Prize (1 winner) — Flat Screen TV + Dolphin TaleDVD
    • 2nd Prize (1 Winner) –* Blu-ray™ Player + Dolphin Tale Blu-ray™ Combo Pack
    • 3rd Prize (5 Winners) — Dolphin Tale DVD
    For the Kessil contest, all you have to do to enter is “Like” the Kessil Facebook page. How it will work is Kessil will host a variety of games on their Facebook page. From week to week, giveaway games may differ and be hosted on different dates and times. Rules for each game will be posted on Facebook before each game commences. The rules for the first game, Kessil Speed, have already been announced.

    Prize(s) will be announced alongside the rules for each game. The prize(s) may vary from game to game, but the winner of each game will most definitely be awarded with a prize. Best of all, all prize winners will be entered into a “Winner’s Circle” and be eligible to win Kessil’s Holiday Grand Prize. For all the details check out the Official Rules on the Kessil Facebook page
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