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    Vanderhorstia is a group of little known gobies in the aquarium world, which is a shame because the genus contains many interesting and eye catching species, with two more recently added to the group.*Vanderhorstia cyanolineata and*V. fulvopelvis are two new species of these fancy little gobies, these being collected and described from Japanese specimens.


    Vanderhorstia cyanolineata,*is a cute blue-lined little goby which is a little on the small side for the genus, their fairy like appearance reminding us more of little dartfish like*Tryssigobius and*Ptereleotris. While the species description of V. cyanolineata lists this species as occuring in Japan and Indonesia, we were able to dig up a few photos of it photographed in Palau at a depth of 22m, about 7o feet deep.

    There’s only one photo of the other new species of Vanderhorstia, V. fulvopelvis, but this slightly larger species seems to be concealing a lot of really exquisite coloration. In addition to the namesake yellow pair of pelvic fins,*Vanderhorstia fulvopelvis sports a beautiful pattern of yellow lines and scribbles on its flank that look like they could make this species a stunner.

    Known only from Okinawa Japan, V. fulvopelvis is most closely related to V.*ornatissima although it seems the new species has potential for a lot more color than its congener. Both of the new species of*Vanderhorstia are unique in being dwarf-sized for the genus meaning that they could make for some fantastic aquarium specimens should they ever enter into the trade.

    The two new species of Japanese*Vanderhorstia are described by*Toshiyuki Suzuki1 and I-Shiung Chen int he 21st volume of the*Journal of Marine Science and Technology.

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