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8 May 2007
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Perusing the new Tunze catalogs, we came across a couple already available protein skimmers that have been outfitted with DC pumps. The Tunze DOC 9410 DC and Tunze DOC 9430 DC are the latest direct current additions to the growing line of Tunze DC protein skimmers.

Although the skimmers themselves are the same as the Tunze DOC 9410 and DOC 9430 that have been on the market for eight years, the new DC pump is where the changes start. As we saw at MACNA last fall with the DOC Skimmer 9012, 9004 and 9001 all getting the DC motor, the skimmers will have a greater degree of control for the adjustment of protein skimming performance.

The benefits of more precise control without throttling the output of the motor (and adding more strain and stress) does come with a bit higher energy consumption. Where the AC version of the DOC 9410 uses a meager 11W of power, the DC version is clocked at 29W. However, the ability to adjust the motor motor speed without impeding the performance of the pump is well worth the tradeoff.

Expect these to start shipping later this spring and if you are in Denver for ReefStock, make sure to swing by the Tunze booth for a hands-on look.

[via Tunze]
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