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    What can we say about Tony Vargas that we haven’t already said in the past year? The newly*christened*author of the Coral Reef Aquarium*has been orchestrating a breakout/comeback year into the professional marine aquarium scene after being a hobbyist himself for two decades. Although Mr. Vargas has done a lot already now he can add another feather to his cap as he secures one of only three speaking slots at ReefStock 2012, one of America’s best-attended one-day reefing events produced by Reef Builders.

    Two Little Fishes will be presenting Mr. Vargas at ReefStock in Denver Colorado where he will be discussing in greater details some of the tenants of his book, with an emphasis not on how to set up a reef tank but what successful reef aquariums have in common. We can’t wait to see Tony’s talk and to let you all know who else will be speaking at ReefStock 2012. Stay tuned and if you plan on coming, be sure to RSVP on our Facebook event page.

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