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    House of Fins and Greenwich Aquaria are two of the finest retail aquarium stores in the country which we have written about extensively over the years – only LiveAquaria and Old Town Aquarium do as much shaking down of rare marine aquarium livestock. Even if they don’t live in Connecticut, regular readers of Reef Builders may remember some exciting posts about Greenwich Aquaria (Plectranthias pelicieri, Rose Island Dottyback, Amazingly diverse reef tank) and House of Fins (Bodianus sanguineus, neptune grouper, personatus angelfish).

    Many of the top scores of both of these stores have taken place for their big annual sales, both of which happen to be taking place this weekend. House of Fins and Greenwich Aquaria are two easy miles from each other so if you have half an interests in aquariums, corals, deals, and especially rare fish, you gotta come to Greenwich CT this weekend.

    marshall-island-ventralis-anthias.jpg Greenwich Aquaria‘s Autumn sale takes place from Friday the 30th to Sunday the 2nd. The deal includes 30 to 50% off all livestock and GA is loaded up on acros, zoanthids, acans and they are especially adept at sourcing chalice corals. Some unique fish that will be on hand include shrimpfish, garden eels, royal flasher wrasse, multilineatum basslet and the preemo fishies will be mitratus butterflyfish, rhomboid wrasse, some funky Marshall Island ventralis anthias and for the cherry on top, the uber rare Earle’s wrasse, Cirrhilabrus earlei.

    rhinecanthus-cinereus.jpg House of Fins‘ annual SPLASH event this year celebrates their 54th year in business, and as usual HoF pulls out all the stops for their once a year extravaganza. Seachem products 25% off, plus $54 salt buckets,Tunze 25% off, Eheim 20% off, CaribSea Substrates 25% off, Aqua Illumination lighting 15% off. All standard aquariums 30% off. All freshwater and saltwater livestock 30% off. Some highlights (not all of ‘em, though!) on fish are captive-bred wideband clownfish, small juvenile Centropyge colini, “Tiger Tail” Coral Beauty, show-size Hawaiian Banded Angelfish, really cool small Trimma and Eviota gobies, a couple of assorted Centropyge hybrids and this year the gem will be a Mauritius triggerfish which is the first specimen of Rhinecanthus cinereus ever imported into the U.S.

    If you want to learn something there will also be talks at House of Fins on Saturday and Sunday by two Reef Builders writers, myself (Jake Adams) and Scott Fellman, as well as author of The Coral Reef Aquarium Tony Vargas, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Saltwater Aquariums Ret Talbot and Adam Blundell. Vendors will be in attendance to answer your questions including Seachem, Sunlight Supply, Eheim, Aqua Illumination, Coral RX, D&D, Geissmann, Sera, Boyd Enterprises, CaribSea, Spectrum, Ushio, Radium.
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