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    Since MACNA is in Denver’s near-future, we’ve been keeping ReefStock 2014 a little lower key than before, but low key doesn’t mean we won’t deliver our usual share of world class reefing activities. We may be only rockin’ 24 booths this year but they will be populated by some of the best marine aquarium companies in the country, with lots and lots of new products and features that will be demoed for the first time anywhere.

    Furthermore, Central Colorado coral farmers make up the core group coral dealers that pioneered the traveling coral salesman gig so you know they will be bringing their best for our home turf. Early March is prime time for the ski and snowboarding season so if you want to get a leg up on MACNA attendees and get the lay of the land before the big annual show, come to ReefStock 2014 in a few weeks and see why our progressive coral aquarium community has the honor of hosting the most prestigious marine aquarium event in the world.

    [​IMG]With our new two-day format, we’ve got even more time to offer ReefStock attendees access to some great and informative presentations. For 2014 we’ve reached out some of the best marine aquairum industry professionals to take the presentations and the higher learning up a notch.

    Saturday March 1st, 2014, Scott Fellman and Terence Fugazzi will be taking to the podium to put down some informative reef aquarium knowledge. As the driving force behind the relaunch of Unique Corals, Scott Fellman has been privy to seeing the best new corals to enter the trade in years and he’ll be sharing with us what he’s learned from having his pulse on the live coral side of things. Meanwhile, Neptune Systems VP Terence Fugazzi will be talking about all of the advancements that have been made in the aquarium controller space; these little computers can do more than ever for our reef tanks.

    [​IMG]Sunday March 2nd, Nick Klase of BuildMyLED is going to talk about LED lighting, recent advancements in lighting technology and some of the ways to legitimately quantify the performance of an LED fixture. I have given my flavor of an LED aquarium lighting presentation scores of times but I am still keenly interested in seeing how Nick tackles the topic in his own way.

    The final presentation of ReefStock 2014 will be a general roundtable discussion/Q&A session with myself and a selection of the experts that will be in attendance, including the speakers listed above. Unscripted discussions of marine aquarium topics very often turn out really interesting and it’ll be very interesting to see which direction we go, considering the presentations that will have already transpired.

    The local central colorado reef scene is all kinds of fired up about our popular regional event, and everyone is stoked that we are going back to the Downtown Aquarium so that visitors can also take a look at their 5000 gallon reef tank, and a myriad of beautiful exhibits. If you’ve got even the slightest inclination to come to Denver*before the big MACNA at the end of the summer, come to ReefStock at the beginning of March and make some friends that you will likely see again at MACNA later this year.
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