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8 May 2007
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I remember my first aquarium, a 10 gallon kit using crystallizing paint for the background. Although I don’t have that tank anymore, I have had my share of 10 gallon tanks I’ve set up to get my fish fix in a small spot or to set up a quarantine system, but never more than that. The team at Oceanbox Design now lets you turn that 10 gallon or 20 gallon long aquarium into a reef-ready all-in-one with the Oceanbox Designs AIO Reef Conversion Kit.

The Reef Conversion Kit is an All-In-One (AIO) filtration insert is designed to convert a standard glass tank into a reef-ready tank. No more worrying about drilling the glass, plumbing in the equipment, etc. that can bea total pain. The kit is a simple DIY fix that you simply slide in place and secure with a tube of “aquarium safe” silicone then add a return pump of and you’re off to a reef aquarium.

The kit works by forcing water from the overflow through modular media racks and baffles so you can run mechanical, biological and chemical filtration with filter pads, carbon, GFO, etc. As with most AIO systems, you have the ability to get the equipment like heaters, skimmers, pumps and sensors out of the display and behind the scenes.

This design fits on one end of the tank to create a peninsula style setup as a traditional approach would cut into the narrow part of the tank too much. Although this is a great way to turn a $20 tank into a mini-reef, it doesn’t come cheap and with set you back around $150.

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how can something this simple cost $150, or R2,341.38 on today's exchange rate?
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