Turboflotor Blue 3000 Skimmer

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    Aquamedic's new(ish) range of Blue skimmers


    The Turboflotor Blue 3000 is designed for installation in any mode:
    - as a “hang on”, it is simply hung over the edge of the aquarium. Only the venturi pump is inside the tank.
    - in the cabinet, it can be installed inside or outside the filter sump.
    At only 58 cm (c. 23 in) high, it is sized to fit nearly every standard aquarium cabinet.
    The high skimming capacity is guaranteed by the controlled water flow within the skimmer body and the patented conical riser within the foam cup The foam production is controlled by a simple one handed adjustment.
    The skimmer is driven by the powerful Ocean Runner venturi pump, with ceramic bearings for silent operation.
    The patented and time served Aqua Medic Needle Wheel ensures high air intake and optimum bubble size.
    The unit is manufactured using high quality acrylic.
    Height: 56 cm, (c. 22”)
    Footprint: 35 x 17 cm, (c. 14” x 7”)

    Aqua Medic : Seawater Catalogue : Protein skimmers : Turboflotor Blue 3000

    So who's got one?
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    Gonubie East London
    Gaz has one

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