TUNZE Turbelle Electronic Stream 6205

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    The TUNZE 6205 for aquariums 800 - 3 000 litres, with a flow rate of 5 000 to
    22 000 l/hr, is a very compact propeller pump with a design used to circulate water in aquariums. It contains several innovative technical solutions and adapts to the aquarium without affecting the existing biotope.

    The 6205 works well with a forereef slope, deeper zone with parallel current lines.
    Outer reef slope, strong current with slight waves and high illumination and the outer reef edge, acropora coral polyps, favia and porites thrive in this kind of current.

    - propeller technology
    - titanium alloy shaft
    - low motor heat
    - 3D adjustment
    - includes magnet holder
    - safety extra low voltage
    - controllable speed, wave simulation, tidal currents (7096/7095/7092 extra)

    Cheers Anita:)

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