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    Tunze has just shared a graphic which doesn’t hint, but confirms, that a whole new breed of water pumps are coming soon. In a time when we were all still using powerheads and jets to move water in our aquariums. Tunze was the first to bring a commercially produced propeller pump; the venerable Tunze Stream pumps.

    As you may know, InterZoo 2016 is right around the corner, and now is about the time that we start seeing leaks of new products trickling out to the public. We’ve already shared some information on new pump controller from MaxSpect, new controllable Syncra from Sicce, and now to be left out Tunze seems to have something very exciting up its sleeve as well.

    The basic graphic revealed by Tunze simply states ‘The dawn of a new aquarium pump technology’. The image illustrates a familiar intake screen ‘cage’ so this is definitely a propeller pump, but what makes up this ‘new technology’ is anybody’s guess. It’s been a hot minute since Tunze has made any radical changes to their line of Stream Pumps, so we’ll just have to see what Tunze has been working on next week when InterZoo officially opens.

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