RSS Tunze Stream 6105 fix now available from Tunze, 24v jumper ups the flow to 3300gph

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    Tunze has been hard at work getting all the large Tunze Stream pumps flowing up to specification, and a simple fix is already available for the Stream 6105 propeller pump. Current owners of Tunze Stream 6105 in North America can now contact Tunze-USA requesting a 24 volt jumper to replace the previous 18 volt jumper which will increase the pump’s RPMs and the subsequent flowrate will be increased to 3300 gallons per hour.

    tunze-stream-6105-voltage-jumper-150x150.jpg To get a replacement jumper for your Tunze Stream 6105, contact Tunze USA via email (tunze at sbcglobal dot net) with your name, address and the model number of your power supply, either the 6101.240 or the 6104.240, as two power supplies have been used over the years. Tunze has further improved the flow of the Stream 6105 with a wider flow nozzle which will ship with all new Stream 6105 by the end of November, and a wide flow kit will be available separately for $30 about that time as well.*Fixes for the Stream 6205 and 6305 are expected to become available towards the end of the year and around the time of InterZoo, respectively.
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