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    The Tunze Nanostream 6095 which was officially announced at Reef Stock and Tunze has more information about wattage use. The Tunze 6095 will be controllable, meaning you will be able to modify how much flow you would like to dish out to your corals and fish. Because of this the wattage numbers have been updated with usage from 5 watts all the way up to 20 watts that we originally reported. The incumbent Tunze 6095 has a 40mm outlet and the upcoming Tunze Nanostream 6095 has a 70mm outlet. The 6095 will push out 10,000 lph (about 2,650 GPH) running on 20W off of a 24VDC power source. It also features the same Tunze touches including the magnet mount and silencing mount to absorb the vibration noise. Expect these pumps to come in around $260 to $270.

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