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    We just received one of the first runs of the highly anticipated Tunze NanoStream 6020 pumps. After seeing them at Interzoo we were eager to get our hands on one. The 6020 and 6040 are new to the Tunze NanoStream lineup and bring a new flow pattern to the market.

    [​IMG]Unlike normal powerheads that have a direct flow, the 6020/40 mounts vertically and includes a new flow deflector. This makes it easy to hide behind rock work and creates a wide flow pattern that is gentle yet powerful. When unboxing the package we can only notice to how small the pump is. These are by far the smallest pumps Tunze has yet to offer; Depending on your hand size, it will fit in the palm of your hand.

    The build quality of the NanoStream 6020 pump is top notch as expected and the new “bumpers/silencers” that connect the pump to magnet fit great. The bumpers help keep the pump absolutely silent and do not feel as if they will sag over time.


    Set up was painless. Simply attached the magnet with bumpers to pump, place in tank, attach other magnet to outside of tank and finally plug in.The new flow deflector is very easy to adjust yet does not feel like it will fall off. We will be excited to play with the deflector to see what type of flow patterns we can achieve with this little guy. The 6020 runs at a mere 4w and includes a 6 foot power cord.

    While we only received the 6020, Tunze also offers the 6040 that looks identical. However the two are very different. The 6020 is the budget/economical version that is a simple plug and play. Running right around 660GPH. The 6040 is a 12DC controllable pump that will push 53-1200 GPH. This will be compatible with the new 7097 and older 7095/96 controllers.

    We love the small size, quite operation and new flow design. We cant wait to see how people incorporate the new lineup in there aquariums.

    This is a guest contribution from Dave Fason, owner/operator of NanoBox Reef.


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