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8 May 2007
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The Tunze LED Eco Chic is a new striplight and a new color for Tunze’s unusual yet still very useful LED aquarium light. Being fully submersible and magnet-mounted to the side of the aquarium has not won Tunze the top end of the reef aquarium LED lighting market, but they have made some fans of their light who appreciate having a submersible ‘work light’ which is perfectly suited to refugiums, nano tanks, and all kinds of weird and niche applications.

To further satisfy the market response to their larger Full Spectrum LED striplights, Tunze has designed and released two new models of lower powered submersible striplights that are even better suited for the teeny tiny aquariums. The LED Eco Chic comes in two different types, the LED 8811 Marine Eco Chic and the 8821 White Eco Chic, both models being an attractive white color to differentiate from previous higher power models.

The Tunze LED 8811 Marine Eco Chic on the left, and the LED 8821 White Eco Chicon the right, and their respective spectra

Like its predecessors the Eco Chic LED strips are fully submersible and mounted to the tank with a nifty magnet that has two choice of positioning (parallel and perpendicular). Both Eco Chic LEDs are also controllable, either manually by placing a magnet at the tip or electronic with an optional Tunze MultiController.

The Tunze 8811 Marine Eco Chic has 15 white LEDs with a 6500K spectrum and 15 blue LEDs with an emission peak at 455nm. The total power is 7 watts and it can produce up to 390 lumens, good for about a ten gallon nano reef tank. Meanwhile the Tunze 8821 White Eco Chic has 30 white LEDs with the same 6500 Kelvin spectrum, with a power consumption up to 8 watts for a total light output of 700 lumens.

At first glance the unconventional form factor and mounting of the Tunze LEDs aren’t going to put them in a head to head competition with any other LED light. However, the interesting submersible nature of these LEDs does relieve some power requirements of heaters, and that White Eco Chic was practically born to be a perfect refugium or algae scrubber LED light. If you’re keen to try out one of these new lower power LED strips from Tunze, both models of Eco Chic will be retailing for $75.76. [Tunze]
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