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    A Tunze Controller and a new Calcium reactor seem like they’ll be in the cards for big reveals next week. Tunze is playing hard to get leading up to this year’s InterZoo and they are continuing to tease us with tantalizing pictures of their forthcoming products.

    [​IMG]One of the new products Tunze is intimating at is a new controller with a tagline ‘The Smart One For All’. Of course, a new Tunze controller could pertain to any number of the multicontroller they have for their lights, pumps and automatic top off. So perhaps Tunze has finally gotten around to making a full fledged Tunze Controller for all of their many different aquarium devices.

    The blurry image of Tunzes new smart device doesn’t really hint at what this thing is really; we can see the familiar circular cutout that received the Din5 connector which Tunze uses for their controllable pumps and lights. There’s also a few buttons and finally a full LCD display but precisely how specific or general this new Tunze controller will be is anyone’s guess.

    Next up is the new Tunze Calcium Automat: Tunze has had a calcium reactor design in some form or another for at least a decade now, but these were all so unconventional looking, they never really caught on, at least not in the North American reef scene.

    Now it appears that the Tunze Calcium Automat finally has a contemporary calcium reactor design which will make it more ‘acceptable’ to modern reefers, and will also make it easier to figure out how it works, and how it should be maintained. One interesting tidbit about the new Tunze Automat is that is uses the same Sicce PSK-shaped pump as their DOC Skimmers so there’s a remote possibility that Tunze employed their new controllable DC pump to drive the new calcium reactor.

    It’ll be very interesting to see how the surge of new products for Tunze’s aquarium catalog looks like after InterZoo because we have a feeling that the veteran aquarium company will be making big waves this year.

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