RSS Tunze Comline Streamfilter 3163 adds nanostream pump to compact filter

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    Tunze’s new Comline Streamfilter 3163 is very similar to the Comline Filter 3162 we highlighted yesterday except for having a Nanostream pump built into the housing. The Tunze Comline Streamfilter 3163 still has all the bells and whistles including the dual intake, spot for a heater and ability to loop in your Osmolater to keep your water levels stable but added a Tunze Nanostream 3163.200 to the mix. Using only 3.5W of power with an output of 475 GPH (1,800l/h, the nanostream addition is a great way to add filtration and flow without another intrusive piece of equipment being added to your aquarium. The price is not that much higher than the regular Comline Filter coming in around $90 USD (€70.40).
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