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    When it comes to reimagining the trusty magnetic algae scraper, it takes a certain kind of curiosity, and creativity, to take a step back and ask yourself how the device could be improved. We all want an algae scraper with a good scraping edge, one with a low profile to get between rock and the glass, something that’s easy to hold on to and more.

    In this pursuit Tunze has fundamentally reinvented what an algae scraper can be with the Care Magnet. The new double edged Care Magnet with a skinny body demonstrates a unique design that also incorporates innovative features that we didn’t even know we want such as being able to scrape in the sand with minimal risk of scratching (glass) aquarium glass.

    [​IMG]The most obvious difference of the Care Magnet compared to all others is that its scraper blades are the only points in contact with the aquarium glass, thereby transferring all of the magnetic force to where the scraping needs to be done. In the larger Care Magnet Long, the scraping edges are of two different sizes meaning that there’s slightly more force being applied to the shorter edge for the tough algae scraping jobs.

    Having the Care Magnet in contact with the glass at only these two edges means it’s quite difficult to “pick up” any sand or gravel with the algae scraper that could be pressed against the glass, leading to scratches. Furthermore, the edges of Tunze’s Care Magnet are rounded on either end which makes it a particularly delicate algae scraper when it comes to cleaning the corners of glass aquariums and not digging into their silicone seams.

    [​IMG]The design of the Tunze Care Magnet enables it to scrape the walls of this bowfront glass aquarium.

    One other trick that can be performed with a scraping edge is that it is possible to scrape and clean tanks with curved glass or bent-glass aquariums. Sure the scraper blades need to be more or less perpendicular to the top of the tank but this configuration allows for a certain level of flexibility.

    As with any of the newer, more modern scraping aquarium algae magnets the Tunze Care Magnet has removable blades that are available in special kind of glass-reinforced plastic which is super hard, but not the same edge that will be acrylic-safe. The narrow handle of the Tunze Care Magnet long makes it super easy to see the algae that you’re trying to scrape from the aquarium glass but it isn’t as ergonomic as we’d like.

    [​IMG]For traction the Care Magnet Long has small little ridges that dig into the fingers a little bit and continuous use would motivate us to cover the handle with a little electrical tape. If there’s one improvement Tunze could make to the Care Magnet Long it would be to add a layer of rubberized plastic to the handle to make it more comfortable to use – this is not a problem with the small Care Magnet but it is noticeable on the Long model, and we imagine it will be even more-so in the forthcoming Care Magnet Strong.

    For especially tough algae the Care Magnet can also be used as a hand-held scraper which is novel among magnetic algae scrapers. We reviewed the incredibly affordable Care Magnet Nano and Long models on glass up to 3/8 of inch thick so we’ll have to wait until the Strong Care Magnet is available to test on thicker glass walls. The Tunze Care Magnet Nano is a decent and affordable little algae magnet but the Care Magnet Long really is the model that is breaking new ground and likely to become as ubiquitous as the original Tunze Power Magnet was for decades. [Tunze]

    FCC regulations require us to inform you that we were given this product for review but our opinion and review of a product is never affected by how we acquire it

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