Tube worm composed of 2 body parts?

Discussion in 'ID Needed' started by Victor FB, 6 Nov 2018.

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    Hello All,

    attached two pictures of a tiny hitchhiker, deep red feather duster that has a duster and a "meaty nose", both of which pop up and retract simultaneously. Haven´t managed to ID it, but in all anatomy drawings and pictures I have seen, I do not seem to find that meaty nose ANYWHERE. It is very photosensitive (a torch pointed at it makes it retract immediately) and my presence looking at it as well. Very strange.

    I was trying to upload a video, but the site wont allow. In the pictures you can see it once at sand level on the right hand side, with the nose below the duster and in the next picture the duster on the top right and meaty bit to its left.

    Is this actually a tube worm or something else? I do find the little dude quite interesting.

    Will try to sneak upon it and take better pictures, if it allows me to.


    Victor 20181105_145728.jpg 20181106_163100.jpg



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