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6 May 2007
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Hey Guys,

Does anyone use the TS1. If so, in your opinion, would it perform better than a Weipro?. I am considering replacing my Weipro with one of these. My nano has a total water volume of 80L.

The Weipro is working but not really knowing anything about skimming, I would rather be 100% sure.
I saw Travis' TS1 working a few months ago and was quite impressed. But I cannot compare with a weirpro as i have never seen one.
Jan Bobs is running 2 of them on his tank and he was getting some really good looking skimmate, I have just bought one, it has been running for about 4 or 5 days now, just started to produce some really nice foam, I honestly don't think you can go wrong by getting one of these.

The reaction chamber fills up nicely with foam from the needlewheel pump.
Thanks for the info everyone. Ho high is the water level in the skimmer neck? I'm never sure how high to run it.
You can adjust the water level very easily with these skimmers, simply raise or lower the outlet pipe.

I keep my level sort of halfway up the neck.
I think they rated for about 350 litres, will have to double check on that.
sorry for being a bit off topic but what is the height of the ts2 and how many litres is it rated for?
They rated for 350l and they work well. I had to raise mine a little in my sump as they were to deep in the water. Once I did that they started to perform very well.

Here is pic's of mine:
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Well I got the Rec one and am happy - you saw my skimmate and my tank only has 9 fish...
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