7 May 2007
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shud the bubbles in the skimmer tube be full of bubbles cause mines is from top to halfway down ..... it doesnt seem right to me
do you have the silencer on the venturi?
no silencer is out ... i got the pump fitted sidewayz , wud that cause any difference
i got the pump fitted sidewayz , wud that cause any difference
Yes it will, I noticed the same thing on my skimmer, you must have the venturi pointing straight up.

Here is a pic of my TS1

doing ok , but i when i look at other skimmers , they take out black muck , when i set mines to skim dry then only do i get that black muck , and only 1/4 cup a week , well as when i set it to skim slightly wet , i get coffee brown color and fill in 3 to 4 days ..... does this make any sense
Sounds fine to me Afsal, I'm only getting about 1/2 a cup a week but I have no algae issues in my tank at all and I think I feed quite a bit, so don't stress....
Hi afsal

sound fine to me i get about the same amount of skimmate out of my ts1.

Remember just because somebody else has the same skimmer and gets a cup full of skimmate a week does'nt mean that you will get the same amount of skimmate.
Different tanks have different bio-loads as well has different mechanical filtration different flow levels inside the display there are a lot of factors involved when it comes to skimmate also salinity can play a major role in skimmate production.
Afsal, mine is about the same. I must also say that additives can also make a difference. I get more and darker skimmate since dosing kalk and it seems that the liquid PO4 remover also improves my skimmate.

I don't think you have anything to worry about. How often and much do you feed?
twice a day , only pellets since i wana get my nutrients down .... i dose kalk/vinegar daily on my top up water
Gee guys - I am currently struggling a bit keeping the water levels stable in my sump - and as such am my 2 x skimmers doing crazy things when skimming - when I re-adjust them, they skim 100%, and am I getting dark-green (I set my skimmers to run wet) very much stinking muck.... (from both skimmers), and I have to clean this up every day or second day at the moment.... (I am also "cleaning" the tank of residue detritus every day in the morning and evening - so that there's a LOT of POCs in the water column after I blow out my live rock using the turkey baster)...
So, AFSAL - your skimmer is working 100% correct.....
I have cut down MY feeding to once a day, in the evenings only from twice a day.

Perhaps we should revisit how many times feeding per day "is enough" to keep the fish happy and fat.......

The amount of fish, and amount of feeding (all of which causes detritus build-up/settlement in the tanks), which also has an effect on how much out skimmers are skimming out of the water would have a direct relationship to the color of the skimmate (depending of course on the setting: dry vs wet) and the frequency we need to clean our tanks out....
my skimmate has an "organic" smell unlike my aquamedic skimmer (which is on a 6foot fowlr) which smells really bad .... any comments on this
:( well I way over feed then...twice a day flakes and on weekends all the time - fish always look so hungry... that Bio clean better work or else I'm gonna have shit on my hands...

No I wasn't saying anyone was overfeeding... :) Before I get flamed. Was merely suggesting that I get quite a lot of skimmate for the little I feed. :yeahdude:
OK, to jump in here,

I do with my DIY skimmer (still adjusting after I had to modify it) a bit wet. Also when I adjust it to dry. it takes ages to skim half a cup. Currently I have it more or less setup properly, with a constant black skimming I have to clean about every week.

My feeding tho is as such: daily I feed bits and flakes (only 2 clowns, PB, Mandarin and Midas B - oh, and a local boelie - not sure of the name, that my 4year old daughter caught by luck, so I had to put it in...) and every 3rd night some frozen marine mix and larger pink prawn or squid for the softies (Brain, frog, etc)

Hence - bio load is not great, but I am over feeding probably. I suppose as long as there's skimmate coming, and you're happy with it (i like wetter), then there shouldn't be any hasstles.

just my LONG 2c, hehe
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