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    The true personifer angelfish, Chaetodontoplus meridithi, is a relatively new species of angelfish from Western Australia which was split off from its sister species on the Eastern coast of Australia, Chaetodontoplus meridithi. We love personifer angelfish, be they the queensland yellow tail variety or the true personifer kind with the black bar through the yellow tail, the only real indicator that a personifer angelfish is the western species. We filmed this perfect true personifer angelfish in the home of Chris Campbell where it resides in a very nice fish only marine aquarium.

    So what makes true personifer angelfish so special? Like the dampier wrasse and lennard’s wrasse, the true personifer angelfish only comes from the west side of Australia which means that they are harder to get, and definitely more expensive than their east-side cousins. Like other Western Aussie reef fish, it is only recently that true personifer angelfish have become available in some numbers in the marine aquarium trade and it remains to be seen whether the true personifer angelfish has any unique coloration of the body and face as it matures but in the meantime, that is one expensive stripe through the tail.
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