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    The new Tropic Marin SunaLED XL Ocean Blue fixtures are sleek looking lights that can utilize the MultiControl 8 to create your*custom*lighting profile. Coming in two sizes, the SunaLED XL 600 and the SunaLED XL 1170, the SunaLED XL fixtures are based on the SunaECO LED panels that feature five CREE*XP-G Ocean White *and five*XP-E Reef Blue LED’s in each panel.

    unteransicht_8-300x129.png The larger of the two lights, the SunaLED XL 1170, get’s its name from the length measuring in at 1170 mm x 468 mm x 58 mm (around 46 x 18.5 x 2.25 in.) that has eight 24 watt SunaECO 1500 panels. The smaller version, the SunaLED XL 600, measures in nearly the same in width and height but is 600 mm long (around 24 in.) with four SunaECO 1500 panels. The slim fixtures*are housed in a silver anodized aluminum enclosure, with perforated aluminum powder coating on top to allow heat to transfer away from the unit.

    As far as control, the MultiControl 8*allows you to control a complete dawn-to-dusk cycle along with storms and all the other programs we’ve come to appreciate in LED controllers. With the option to control four panels each, the SunaLED XL 600 would need one controller and the SunaLED XL 1700 would require two. There are four*special*introductory*pricing options with or without the MultiControl 8 modules. The XL 600 runs*€999 alone ($1270 USD) and**€1,199 with the controller ($1525 USD). The XL 1700 is prices currently at**€1,699 ($2,161 USD) and**€1999 ($2,542 USD) respectively.
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