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    Tropic Marin released their own version of the biopellet (the NP Bacto Pellet) around a year ago as part of their Bio-Actif line. Now Tropic Marin has improved on the original biopellet design, and is releasing the Bio-Actif Professional line which promises improved performance over the original design. Consisting of the Bio-Actif Professional line are the new biopellets, the NP-Bacto Tricks, and a reactor the Bio-reactor Actif 5000.

    The NP-Bacto Tricks are made from all natural biopolymers, and according to Tropic Marin highly effective at removing nutrients. How valid this claim is only time will tell, but these biopellets are manufactured in house and Tropic Marin did go through the trouble of improving on their original design rather than re-labeling OEM biopellets. The Bio-reactor Actif 5000 is build out of a nice combination of clear and black acrylic, and the pretty basic standard design should get some pellets rolling. The Bio-reactor Actif hold approximately 5 liters and is rated for systems up to 1500 liters (~400 gallons).

    The Bio-Actif Profesional line is available for sale within Germany today, but no word yet when these will be available in the US market. The Bio-reactor Actif 5000 retails for 179.99 euros, and the biopellets retail for 24.99 euros for 500ml, 39.99 euros for 1000ml, and 149.99 euros for 5000ml ($30, $50, $190 respectively). As always keep in mind these prices include tax.
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