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    The Tropic Marin Nano Shake & Make is an original salt-mixing kit which combines the best ideas of both the Instant Ocean commemorative jug set and the Seachem Hydrotote. Not only is the Tropic Marin Nano Shake & Make a collapsable jug, it also is paired up with pre-measured amount of salt mix to create a perfect salinity within the volume of the Shake & Make’s jug.

    The Nano Shake & Make costs “about the same price” as a Seachem Hydrotote but it comes pre-filled with with the right amount of Tropic Marin salt to mix 2.5 gallons, 10 liters of water 1.025 to 1.027 at a temperature between 73 to 77°F (23-25°C). While the Instant Ocean commemorative Jug had an incredible idea with this marriage of salt mix and a jug, for the parent company United Pet Group this was a one-off product that was never intended to live on.

    By contrast Tropic Marin’s kit is a permanent addition to their product line with Pro-Reef Nano Sea Salt mixes being available as standalone pouches of 180g of Tropic Marin Pro-Reef salt mix – simply add two of these nano Pro-Reef Salt making “perfect” salinity water in the jug with elevated calcium levels in the 440ppm range and good alkalinity between 6 and 8 dKH.

    For the nano reefing crowd, a small space-saving collapsable jug couldn’t really have come any sooner for those reefers who really only have a single aquarium between 10 and 30 gallons and requiring very modest water change volumes. We’re likely going to see more nano salt mixing kits and pre-measured salt pouches from marine aquarium vendors in the future and Tropic Marin is a great brand to be the first to offer this new kind of salt water mixing product. [Tropic Marin]

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