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    We continue to share some of the new products Tropic Marin has rolled our recently and we are now focusing on Tropic Marin Carbocalcium and Tropic Marin Liquid Buffer to address issues with your pH, calcium and carbonate hardness.

    Carbocalcium is one of the few products that will address the calcium and carbonate supply is possible with only a single solution with no additional byproducts being created (such as sodium chloride). Just a few milliliters of Carbocalcium each day will address most of your calcium and carbonate hardness needs without altering the salinity and the ion balance.

    Tropic Marin developed Carbocalcium to prevent all the negative side effects of other methods of altering calcium hardness. With this system your pH remains stable; there is no excess CO2 generated and there is no risk of unwanted phosphates being introduced. Also there is no slow increase in salinity, or increased oxygen consumption noted with other carbon compounds.

    Liquid Buffer is a pH buffer and carbonate hardness supplement that quickly helps to bring pH back into the recommended range of 8.1-8.4 when needed. This is especially helpful when waste and decomposition of organics reduce the aquarium’s alkalinity and buffering capacity of the water. This can easily be dosed manually or via a dosing pump.

    Finally, to make sure you have your carbonate hardness and alkalinity in check, The Tropic Marin KH-/Alkalinity-Test Professional allows the buffering capacity of the water in your aquarium to be checked promptly and precisely with an accuracy of 0.1 °dH.
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