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    Unless you’ve been reefing under a live rock this year, you will no doubt have heard the aquarium chemical additive buzzword of the year, Triton Elementz. Triton first gained our attention with their interesting Lani LED light fixtures but the company’s been blowing up in Europe for its aquarium water analysis service and its full line of hyper-pure aquarium additives.

    Our European brothers have been enjoying this line of thoroughly analyzed aquarium additives and the service of testing aquarium water for some time now, but since Triton came to MACNA and is really making the world aware of its refined approach to aquarium water chemistry, it’s no surprise that a company like Unique Corals has secured the rights to manage and develop the U.S. branch of Triton.

    About a month ago Unique Corals announced the availability of Triton Lab water tests and now they’ve landed a nice big shipment of Triton’s own Elementz Base chemical additives. In case you hadn’t heard or needed a refresher, the Triton approach to multi-part dosing is actually a three part solution, which ships as four big bottles of concentrate. Part 1 of Elementz Base is a buffer solution, Part 2 is the calcium component, and parts 3a and 3b are the magnesium component with all the minor and trace elements separated into anions and cations.

    [​IMG]While the sticker price of a full set of Triton Elementz Base costs $78 for four bottles, they make three batches of 10 liters of solution and plenty of elements to dose a heavy loaded 300 gallon reef aquarium for a month – give or take, mileage will vary depending on how you reef aquarium is set up and stocked. We’ve been using the Triton Elementz Base line of three part dosing for most of this year and we’ve definitely noticed a marked improvement in polyp extension in a wide variety of corals.

    We know there’s a huge contingency of readers right now rolling their eyes at the thought of paying $80 for for “so little” product, there will always be a camp of reefers happy to use road-grade de-icer Magnesium Chloride with who-knows-what impurities within. Hwoever, not only is Triton Elementz a concentrate that makes 10L of solution, it also is the purest most contaminant free aquarium additives ever offered. All starting ingredients for the production of Triton’s Elementz Base are thoroughly analyzed with their ICP-OES machine to guarantee that chemical concentrations come out to what they should be.

    Unique Corals is also stocking a limited amount of the other “exotic” elemental additives from Triton including Manganese, Cobalt, Nicketl and Iodide. A starter pack of Triton Elementz Base will retail for $78 but Unique Corals is offering a set for the introductory price of $68 and we can tell you from experience – if you love your corals and spend plenty of time observing them, you will notice a difference in general coral health and vitality. [Unique Corals]
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