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    Another day, another new species of pygmy goby joins the ranks of our fishy wish list. Trimma yoshinoi is the latest species to be inducted into the growing genus of ‘Pygmy Gobies’ known as Trimma, this time it’s from southern Japan.

    Five specimens of Trimma yoshinoi were collected from Iriomote-Jima Island at a depth of 36 meters, so fairly deep at about 118 feet. Pictorial evidence suggest that the new pygmy goby species can be found throughout the Ryukyu Islands of Japan but not beyond that, so it’s a fairly limited range that we know of.

    [​IMG]The popular Trimma tevegae bears a superficial resemblance to the newly described T. yoshinoi

    Trimma yoshinoi superficially resembles Trimma tevegae underwater in general appearance, but the overall coloration and pattern is quite different. T. yoshinoi has a pinkish bodywith a broad longitudinal red stripe stretching from right behind the eyes to the base of the tail, which and a dark maroon bar at the caudal penduncle.

    Trimma yoshinoi was described by Suzuki et. al. in the Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation.

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