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    t.-tauroculum-M.-kasai.jpg Trimma tauroculum showing the unique spot behind the pectoral fin. Picture by M. Kasai.

    The bullseye pygmy goby is a cute little stunner from Palau. Like all other Trimma species, the bullseye trimma is a tiny nano fish measuring in at only slightly below an inch. The bullseye Trimma is red with a whitish belly, but what separates it from all other species is the presence of a very large spot behind the pectoral fin.

    Aside from the large pectoral spot which is akin to that of an Epaulette shark, the intricate honeycomb design on the head is another stand out factor for this tiny little fish. Don’t expect to add the bullseye nano goby to your shopping list of nano fishes because like many other fishes in Palau, the availability is scarce and far between. Below is an old picture from BlueHarbor showcasing this magnificent little fish.

    trimma-blueharbor.jpg A stunning specimen of Trimma tauroculum. Small as it may be, this little goby is very pretty but also very rare. Picture by BlueHarbor.

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