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    trimma-fasciatum.png Trimma fasciatum from Palua, photo by J. Sakaue

    The new description of*Trimma fasciatum,*Trimma matsunoi*and*Gobiodon winterbottomi*show that although the summer doldrums may be in full swing for the marine aquarium hobby, the ichthyologists are still busy classifying reef fishes. Especially with the nano reef gobies like*Eviota*and Trimma, these tiny substrate spawning reef fish have immense potential for regional speciation as with the case of the new*Trimma fasciatum*from Palau*and*Trimma matsunoi*and*Gobiodon winterbottomi*both*from Japan. If you think these freshly preserved photographs of*Trimma fasciatum*and*Trimma matsunoi*look cool, check out the living color photographs of the newest goby species below.

    trimma-matsunoi-1.png Trimma matsunoi from Japan, photo by J. Sakaue

    trimma-fasciatum-1.png Trimma fasciatum from Palua, photo by J. Sakaue

    Trimma fasciatum*is a cute yellow goby with subtle shiny blue bands from Palau. It looks somewhat similar to the popular Trimma cana*candy cane nano goby except that it has a much slimmer head profile, and brilliant blue eyes (which became red in preserving liquid). Trimma fasciatum*is known to occur from Ryukyu Islands in Japan to the Saipan Islands in the Marianas but the*majority*of the description material were collected from Palau.

    trimma-matsunoi-2.png Trimma matsunoi from Japan, photo by J. Sakaue

    Trimma matsunoi comes to us from Japan, more specifically in* Kashiwa-jima of the Kouchi Prefecture in Japan. This deeper bodied species has a base color of rosy brown with a deep orange margin to every scale and a pattern of light*iridescent*blue spots. Even if we could get fish from Japan, the specimens of Trimma matsunoi*were all collected from deeper water, with both the live specimens in the pictures being spotted at a depth of 175 feet or more!

    trimma-matsunoi.png Trimma matsunoi from Japan, photo by J. Sakaue

    gobiodon-winterbottomi.png Gobiodon winterbottomi, photo by Hiroshi Senou

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    Wonder when I will see these locally? ;)

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