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    par38-tri-color.jpg New Ecoxotic Tricolor PAR38 LED Aquarium Light - courtesy Ecoxotic

    No, it’s not another RBG LED; it’s a new Tricolor PAR38 LED spotlight aquarium bulb featuring four 6500K White LEDs, two 660 nm Red LEDs, and six 453 nm Blue LEDs consuming a total of only 18 watts of power (3 watts less than Ecoxotic’s original PAR 38 bulbs). *This new tricolor PAR38 features a slightly wider angle of spread (60 degrees) compared to the other PAR 38s that Ecoxotic offers (which are 40 degrees). *The new Tricolor PAR38s fit the same*E26/E27 screw in sockets found in traditional household fixtures.

    Ecoxotic has positioned these bulbs as a way to bring out the deeper reds and purples (and blues) – they’re more for color enhancement vs. stimulating coral or plant growth. *We’re eager to see how these compare side-by-side with the prior PAR38s from Ecoxotic, and wonder if they may make a nice compliment or supplement to other lighting systems. We’re excited, because new LED combination offers more opportunities for adventurous aquarists to tinker and find the perfect lighting mix for their needs. Check out the video posted by Ecoxotic to see the new Tricolor Par 38s in action.​

    Click here to view the embedded video.

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