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    Reefkoi’s Evolution LED striplights have a new design for their Evoslim LED with a triangle profile which is designed with better mounting and heat management in mind. The new triangular Evoslim LED is 1.25 inches with and 7/8 of an inch tall, with a triangular cross-section that makes mounting easy, it builds in the ability to angle and point the light where you want while also preserving some breathing room for the heatsink.

    Evoslim LED striplights will come in lengths from twelve to forty eight inches long and they are populated with 3 watt Bridgelux LEDs driven at two watts each. Reefkoi expects to release some new colors of Evoslims in the future in purple, and maybe also reds and greens, all of which will be fully dimmable with an optional $25 dimmer to control the waterproof striplights. Pricing for the new trinagular Evoslim has not yet been set but will be announced closer to their July release date.


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