Transporting livestock

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    Transportation of livestock
    Hi guys,

    I'm on my way to Durbs and planning to bring some fish and corals. Problem is I have to make a couple of stops on the way back and will need to keep livestock alive for as long as possible.

    -Any threads on this around?
    -Know where I can find a battery opperated airpump?
    -Know where I can find "heatpacks"
    -Know if there is a way to buy a small container of oxygen to fill bags?
    -Suggestions please.

    -What would be the longest time I can keep corals and fish alive?

    -Any chemicals I should add to water?
    -My car will be packed but I will be able to bring some salt water with for a "waterchange" halfway.
    -The time it takes me to get back will be determined by the time I can keep livestock alive but I NEED to stop a few times(the more the better), for business.

    Thanks all!
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    When you say bring fish and corals .... where are they coming from ... If pet shop they usually bagged to travel well between 4-8 hours ... more if needed but that stretching it .... If you planning to catch livestock then its another situation altogether ... you need containers and battery operated pumps ... also do NOT feed livestock as they will mess up the water .... Ive always travelled without adding any chemicals to water ... A water change is a good idea ... just try to keep the temperature constant so not to shock the livestock even more
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    If your are catching the stuff yourself. What I would do is take synthetic salt with me. After I've caught the stuff I would drip them to the synthetic salt and then take them to a pet shop to get bagged with oxygen. Then you should have no problems, just keep them in a polystyrene cooler box or something. The reason I would bag them in synthetic salt is that there are lots of things in natural sea water that can die off during transport and kill the fish in the bags.

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