RSS Transport yourself to a natural coral reef ‘aquarium’ in Indonesia

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8 May 2007
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As reefers we stare at our corals in our home aquariums with an idea of what natural coral reefs are like. There are lots of notions about what our corals actually look like on the reef, where they live, and the environment they live in, but there’s nothing like seeing a real field of diverse and thriving stony corals on a natural coral reef.

This video was made at Pulau Moyo in Sumbawa Indonesia, a couple islands east of Bali. In this sheltered reef the stony coral growth and diversity was bordering on overwhelming, with nearly 100% live coral cover from the shallows to the depths. This is the coral reef we traveled so far to see in our Sumbawa Expedition teaser trailer and now that you see what we found underwater, you can appreciate how much effort was spent to get here.

Sure you’ve seen countless coral reef videos, but we doubt any of those were shot by a fellow coral aquarium hobbyist such as yourself. Most videos of tropical reefs focus on fish, large creatures, macro life and some of the more unusual animals of the reefs. But this video is shot by us, Reef Builders, fellow diehard coral junkies and what you’re seeing is straight from the perspective of a stony coral reefer. Enjoy!
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