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    The Thrive Water Lab is potentially one of the most revolutionary products to hit the marine aquarium hobby-industry but we’re still a little ways off from actual units being installed and operating in actual stores. Thankfully, Thrive Aquatics had one of their water testing kiosks on display at MACNA and we had the chance to test some water for ammonia and see what goes on inside the Thrive Water Lab when it does a test.

    [​IMG]To begin, a user identifies him or herself to the Thrive Water Lab (TWL) or simply performs a test.

    [​IMG]One of the first splash screens of the TWL is the diagnostic stage where it asks you about a “Specific Issue” to help get to the root of the problem, otherwise you can choose the parameter to test yourself.

    [​IMG]Another screen gives a list of parameters to test with their cost and estimated time it will take to complete the test

    [​IMG]If you are testing for basic aquarium chemistries the TWL asks what kind of tank you are running, with preset parameters of water chemistry already defined for a range of aquarium types, which can be custom-defined by users who are logged in

    [​IMG]The actual testing with the TWL begins by placing the water sample syringe in the receptacle behind a swing door.

    [​IMG]A wide angle view of the inside of the TWL and the most obvious thing is the aluminum “carousel” which will carry all the different reagents necessary for the kiosk to test it all

    [​IMG]With the reagent carousel visible in the center, you can also see a range of other devices such as the UPS battery in the lower left, the printing paper cart at center top, while the main components of actual water testing being small and obscured within the machine

    [​IMG]In the lower level, center, you can see a cuvette which has been pulled from an assembly to be filled with a water sample

    [​IMG]The same cuvette now has been loaded with water and is being moved into position to receive testing reagent

    [​IMG]The white syringe-looking objects on the carousel are the reagents which are precisely depressed by the metal bar looming over them

    [​IMG]Once the reagent has had a chance to mix and react, a trio of LED colors shine on the sample which is then read by a photo-diode to determine exact color of the test. The colorimetric reading is then logged and printed out by the TWL with prescriptions on how to adjust water chemistry if necessary.

    [​IMG]A handful of lucky stores will have the Prestige of being first in the world, and first in their region, to have and operate the Thrive Water Lab water testing kiosk which should begin rolling out later this year.

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