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    The EvoLED TS is a new, forthcoming fixture from Evolution LED that incorporates a touchscreen controller. Based on the recently introdced*EvoLED Color, the EvoLED TS is basically the same device with integrated touchable controls and display. We expect the EvoLED TS will have two channels of color control like its predecessor, with the basic dimmable, sunrise, sunset and timer functions, maybe with a little bit of moonlight and lightning settings.

    Evolution LED is expecting to make the touch control display of the EvoLED TS just a $50 premium on top of the similarly priced EvoLED. Ironically, one of the nicest parts of having built in controls and display is not what you get but what you lose. Gone are the dual power cords replaced by a single plug, and there’s no need for power switches or control knobs when you have an integrated controller.

    Like all the new cars, kitchen appliances and consumer electronics being shown off at CES this week, the EvoLED is part of a growing trend for built-in displays and touch-sensitive controls in just about everything we use. Even if the interface is wonky initially, we all get used to them and they eventually get better, so we only see this as improving user experience and helping us to get more out of our electronics, including LED aquarium lights.

    The EvoLED TS is will be one of a myriad of new marine and reef aquarium products introduced in Denver in early March during ReefStock 2013*where we plan to have our first look at it. Hopefully the newly streamlined fixture will help to start bridging the gap between entry-level LED lights and some of the higher end reef lights, particularly in regards to the integrated controller features.


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    This could be nice

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