Torch coral turning brown

16 Jun 2015
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My torch coral has turned brown. Nitrate levels 5-10ppm, ph 7.8, Ca 350ppm, Mg 1110ppm, salinity 1.025 and temp is 25.2. I have a Zet light LED System on for 8 hours per day.

Any suggestions on possible cause?
Is it slimy? If so it could be Brown Jelly disease.

Do you test your alkalinity? Your CA and MG are a tad on the low side and could do with topping up, but not a major cause for concern.

Having said that, it could just be normal zooxanthellae, which is a good thing if the coral was slightly bleached. Any chance of a pic?

Attached is a photo I took this morning of the torch coral, it does appear to be making a comeback as I have been dosing with Ca and Mg recently. The tank properties are as follows:

Ca = 480ppm
Mg = 1410ppm
Nitrates = 25ppm(still struggling to get this below 25ppm but has improved with reduced feeding)
Ammonia = 0.2ppm
Salinity = 1.025
pH = 8.1
KH = 10.2
Alkalinity = 3.6

Currently doing a 20% water change every 14 days.

My hammer coral is not doing well at all and has almost totally disappeared.

Any advice would be much appreciated

Torch Coral.jpg
Can you post pic of the hammer?
Torch looks ok. Nutrients are perhaps a bit high. What filtration are you running?
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