torch coral frag

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7 May 2007
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guys i have a torch coral frag , dean if u can be so kind to post a pic from your email pls .....

i wana swop for WHY , it has 2 huge heads on it .... pref from dbn & surrounding areas pls ...
afsal, mail it to me here please, I wont be getting my work emails until wednesday.
How much you want for it?
A small pair of maroon clowns and a cleaner wrasse.
have cleaner wrasses / maroon clowns ... what else u got ??
Thats all i'm willing to part with. You tell me what you think its worth and i'll make a decision.
Here is the pic, but to me it looks more like a frogspawn and the torch coral seems to be in the top left of the pic.

i think its a euphyllia species ..... sims sed it was a torch coral !!! sims u wana help out here
maybe, but the picture is too blurry to make a definite id, I am going on the colour more than anything else
Afsal I never said it was a torch...I was gonna get a torch from Wilfred? Got some lines crossed :) What ever it is I got one and it's very cool....
where are u located ??? any hardware ??? need a nice nano tank etc etc
I am in the Durban area. I have an Aquaclear hang on filter. Perfect for a Nano. Can use it for charcoal and phosphate remover.
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